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{ Saturday, May 19, 2007 }

People tends to assume so much till its making me feel so confused. =/ Awaiting for time to heal. Don't ever rushed things out. Let it be nature. Its the best way for now i guess (:

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@ 8:39 PM

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{ Thursday, May 17, 2007 }

Insomnia again :(

Being emotional really sucked up to the max!!!
I wana free all my thoughts once & for all like wad he did...

Selfishness is wad i badly need NOW.

Piggy does makes me smile :)
Always laid on while online till finally i slept off..

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@ 4:59 AM

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{ Wednesday, May 16, 2007 }

Back to my cheerful smile (:

Was tossing around my bed for hrs and i still can't get to sleep :( Surprisingly I've recieved a call from Mr Elson at 6+am in this wee hours. To be exact he called total of 4 times.!!!! I tink he's kinda drunk and I hardly can get wad he's talking bout, kept repeating the same questions and sentences. Luckily I'm still awake if not he'll get a pretty bad scolding. Instead he makes me laughed till i totally can't get back to sleep ):

Can't really remember all the details done recently. Pics shall do the talking ya. Was out drinking almost everyday except Sunday. *winkz

Fyi I've tendered my resignation out of impulse. Wana take a short break and clear off my mind. Wasn't in a right condition now as I can't even concentrate on my work well. I hates to be emotional.

Supposed to edit my pics all together. I'm lazy...

Surprised gift on my doorstep (:

Shin Bar 15/05/07 (Tues)

Balaclava 14/05/07 (Mon)
Hoegaarden was my all time favourite!!

My gifts (: Piggy is so comfy!!

Alleybar & Dragonfly 12/05/07 (Sat)

Zouk 11/05/07 (Fri)
Still waitin for Grace for the remaining pics (:
I Loves my curls *blink*

Thanks for all the tissues and nice shoulders to cry on (:
Tears will dry up eventually...

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@ 6:32 AM

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{ Tuesday, May 15, 2007 }

Thanks for this song. I'm loving it! Been hearing it to slp everynite (:

Yawnz... I'm damn sleepy now. Update soon.

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@ 4:21 AM

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{ Friday, May 11, 2007 }

Been feeling upset and problems keep coming into my life. Even my mum is making it worse. Can i take a break for awhile and enjoy myself to the fullest?


Super bad mood swings

Hope i'll be back on track soon :(

Someone gave me a lovely surprise in this 2 days. Thanks so much for ur efforts trying hard to make me smile (:

that's the key to unlock my unhappiness (:

I wana party tonite.Cya girls :) ImissallofYOU

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@ 12:06 PM

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{ Wednesday, May 09, 2007 }

God damit! This is the 3rd time i'm typing for this entry. I badly need to send my pc for repair.

Yeah got a sms from boss when i was awake. Office was closed for the day. Yippie ;) It feels so great when u doesn't need to work and still being paid. Hohoho* I can't get back to sleep now. Usually i'm still in my lala land.

Missing my donuts!!!

Someone told me to stop listening to emo songs. Its making me worse. Recalling the past is wad i dun wished to. Maybe u can say I'm heartless too.

Gona bring my jeans to alter later. Doing my hair mask (: I can really feel all the CARE from my loves. TY muacks* Thanks blurie for the songs too >,<

08-05-07 (Tues)
I was on MC today. Having a bad headache, abit feverish plus stomache. Was feeling much better in the late noon but W insisted on bringing me to see a doctor. The doctor recommends me a new type of inhaler to prevent from asthma. It looks damn sweet as its in light purple. W was laughing aways and says I'm damn cute as i can be so easily satisfied by just the colour.

Doesn't feels like staying home so we took a cab down to Bugis St for shopping again. Yea i know its ardy the 3rd time for this month. Well i guess retail therapy is the only way to make me feel happier. Been feeling sick and moody recently.

Bought myself 3 tops, 2 heels and a dress. Went to Myphosis and got myself a lovely pink dress plus a mini gold belt. I'm loving it so much. Big smile* Still deciding whether to get their white bag as well. My next upcoming destination will be Vivo. Whoo* Hunting for accessories to match with as well.

Was planning for dinner at one of the Japanese restaurant but it was closing as its ardy 9.20pm. No choice head over to Sakae Sushi instead. Did i mention that my appetite was getting better? Yea its is. I could really eat now like usual. End up we din manage to finish up as we ordered too many. Was feeling so full till we kept pushing the food to each other. Haha*

Esther came over to meet us right after she knock off. Accompany her to the opposite wanton stall for her dinner. She's really super 38 today. Telling stories over W's phone till she din even realised her bag dropped on the floor for so long. Lolz*

Back home msn-ing. Yea Missy Glenda its really time for us to hit the malls together.

Pampering myself is good when no one does it. I need a new mouse pad. Mine is dead.

My total damages in a week.
- 4 tops
- 2 dresses
- 3 jeans
- 2 mini skirts
- 2 flats
- 4 heels
- 1 mini belt

Short of 1 black heel yet to collect...

07-05-07 (Mon)
Work was so boring. Planned to head home for gaming but Esther called up for coffee. Met her up at Jurong Point and W was with her as well. Accompany W for his haircut while esther got a fringe trim. He said his hair looks like a bird nest cos usually he dun even style or comb it. Lolz* Bought a white heels at Charles&Keith. Thanks babe for the staff purchase (: Had our dinner at Lai Lai Kitchen.

The 3 of us did something really funny yet complicated but wasn't supposed to say out. Sorry to make Kong & J waited for us for an hr. Nowadays guys really gossip alot like girls. Esp u Kong!! hurhur* I'm in love with their cheesy fries. Yummy!!!

06-05-07 (Sun)
JQ came over to fetch me & Zoelle with his niece along. Had our dinner outside Sentosa. Off we head to Cafe del Mar. Too bad Jolin was unable to join us. Wad a concidence, we met Ailing, Grace and their bfs over there. They're jux sitting right next to us. Camwhoring!!!

Naomi and friends came over to join us around 11+pm. We played Monopoly to kill off the time. She's so funny, wanted us to count all the $$ to see who's the winner even dou we din managed to finish up the game. Yea she's the winner (:

05-05-07 (Sat)
Went to Clementi with JQ for dinner. Stingray!! While we're eating there was this crazy man kept walkin up & down in front of us. He still smiled at me. Its damn irritating!!! He drove me down to Bugis St as i'm miting my blurie Naomi. Oops sorry to make u wait.

Late nite Shopping madness!! Yes we still managed to hit some late stuffs despite its going to be 10pm. Bought myself 2 flats, 1 heel, 2 mini skirts + a top. We even bought the same top and heel. Went to collect my jeans which i bought earlier on. I was sweating like hell while trying on the clothes. Its a no no to make-up in this kind of shopping environment.

Her friends brought us to Swensen as i'm craving for some ice-cream. They ordered earthquake to share ya. Wasn't that nice after all. Walked over to Cine to checkout for any nice movies. Mostly are sold out so end up we watched 'Passion'. Don't bother to watched as its freaking boring.

Went to Tiong bahru for supper as they're feeling hungry but I've no appetite. Naomi tot of playing with fire crackers but i was feeling kinda tired so din go. JQ came over to send me home as he's nearby.

04-05-07 (Fri)
Drove over Bali Villa for some drinks with J den we head down Vivo to watch Spiderman. This man here was really blur. Opps i'm gona say out. hurhur* He actually brought me to the wrong hall which no one ever did. Next time round isst gona be the wrong cinema? Lolz

Quite disappointed with it. Not that fantastic after all. The seats is making me even more uncomfortable. Was feeling hungry while on the way back home. Stopped over at Cheese Prata for some late supper. My appetite was still bad, can't even manage to finish a single one.

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@ 9:05 AM

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{ Tuesday, May 08, 2007 }

Damnit!!! My whole entry was gone bcos my wireless connection went down. In a rush out now. Will update real soon.

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@ 4:29 PM

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{ Friday, May 04, 2007 }

Ding Dong!!! Someone bought me Long John at my doorstep. Thanks (:

Waiting for my hair mask to dry while eating my lovely meal. Gotta prepare out for movie later.

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@ 8:31 PM

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{ }

Argghh!!!! There's something wrong with my office wireless connection. I'm so bored staring blankly at the wall. My boss doesn't even give a damn bout it. "YOU" Can u don't be so super IMPATIENT? I felt like giving u a tight slap*

I din turned up for work yesterday as I'm having a bad headache. Awww i jux measured my waist and is only 23 while i only weigh 43. Even my bubbly cheeks is gone. I wan back wad i used to own. I dun like to be so skinny. My appetite is even worse. I can't even finished up a full meal in a day. I'm having insomnia too. I can only get to sleep when its 3+am and I've to get up at 7+am. That's why i'm always lack of sleep and late for work.

Seriously my brain isn't functioning well. My mood swings makes it even worse. After all everything is back to square. Wad i need is 'Peace' and 'Patience'.

Recently have been playing mahjong and I'm hooked up again.
Went to Bugis to pass Judy some stuffs. Bought myself 3 jeans and 2 slingbags. Retail therapy doesn't seems to help much ): Met up with JQ for dinner as well at Crystal Jade. D came over to send me home cos he's way too boring. LoLz

Kong & Joreen - I'm sorry that i left so early on last Mon nite, wasn't feeling quite well & its real pls..

Thanks to all my friends who's trying so hard to cheer me up. It really brightens up my day. I really appreciate that my boss is lenient & understanding enough. (:

I'm missing my babes >,<

I've been craving for donuts from Donuts Factory since the first time boss bought it for us. Anyone willing to queue up for me and deliver it to my doorstep? *wink

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@ 6:35 PM

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{ }

OMG its sooo truee...

The Bottom Line
To shop more wisely, just remember all the money you've wasted on impulse buys.

In Detail
Take a look inside your closet today, and count the items you never wear. Then see how many of those unwearable pieces of clothing were impulse purchases. And then keep all those closet-bound outfits in mind when you see something that you just 'have to have' at the mall. Think about all the money you'd have now if you had resisted spending it on trendy items that went out of style way too soon.

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@ 1:21 AM

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{ Thursday, May 03, 2007 }

This road that I'm taking Twists and turns
My life my chance turning dreams into reality.

Down this path Faced with so many things
Sometimes I feel like giving up and turn away

Can't seem to go on. And I've been thru' this before.
Now where am I? Where do I stand? A little lost here.
But I'll remember. All those times you've bought me thru'.
I'd be a fool to give up cos' the goal is near

I'll move on I'll go on. Lord I will take your hand.
And you will guide me along. Survive thru' this storm.
So I say, come what may. I'll hold on to my hope.
Yes, I will walk down this road.
And my passion drive will lead me on

Here I am Once again Caught in the rain.
Looking back I've come sofar And I want to carry on

Take a step A little time It's alright.
Even thru' this rain, I want to smile again

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@ 11:53 PM

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{ Wednesday, May 02, 2007 }

I'm happier now :)

In a rush out for my late dinner now. gtg

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@ 8:07 PM

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Scream for hate.

remembering me,
discover and see
all over the world,
she's known as a girl
to those who a free,
the mind shall be key
forgotten as the past
'cause history will last

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